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About Kurë Massage Therapy

Hello, I’m Ry. A Firefighter turned body fixer! I love sports, music, and walking my dog. I began working as a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist in 2005, before realising a bit of a boyhood dream by becoming a Firefighter in 2008.

During this time I have continued to offer a massage service, and found that my colleagues and friends always benefited from having me available when required (which was quite often!). My role in the Fire Service has been challenging, and the physicality of the job has helped to heighten my awareness of what is required to maintain a balanced and healthy body. Over the years my client base grew to the point where I had to make a big decision; Continue in both roles, or focus on just one? I decided that I could help more people directly through my skills in massage, and feel extremely lucky to be able to do so every day.

My clients come in all shapes and sizes, and include professional dancers, commonwealth athletes, fitness models, marathon runners, taxi drivers, construction workers, musicians and many more! There are a variety of reasons for seeing me, and it is that variety that I love. It helps me to continue to learn something new almost every day, and meet some fantastic people along the way.

I hope that my experiences will help you, too. If you need me, please get in touch. I look forward to meeting you. Ry.